So it begins….

Here it is. The official first blog from another genealogist. What makes this any different from the others? Why am I unique? Why does that long-haired, tattooed dude do genealogy?

I am different just as any other genealogist differs from the rest. I have unique interests, unique techniques, and a unique approach to life. I have worn many hats in my life and music has been the one I have kept on for the longest. I have played everything from country to Afro-funk, dub reggae to  metal. I am a multi-instrumentalist and have shared the stage with many national recording artists. I still continue to play music and always will.

Around age 35, I went through a bit of a self-exploration. I was helping my mother, Billie Stone Fogarty, around her office, doing some work on genealogy projects. She is an experienced genealogist and speaker who took clients needing help with projects. I was entering names in the database, scanning pictures, and checking for errors. I didn’t know source from citation. Ahnentafel?

One morning, I decided I wanted to locate my original birth certificate. I had sent off to DHS for my non-identifying paperwork and was patiently waiting. I went to the courthouse, filled out some papers and boom…original birth certificate. I had my birth mothers name. Now what?


7 thoughts on “So it begins….

  1. I adore your mother Billie Stone Fogarty – she is a top notch researcher and genealogist. I look forward to reading about your family history journey!


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