“A picture is worth a thousand words”

So I used that quote and like any good genealogist, tried to find the author to attribute credit. As far as I can tell, Arthur Brisbane used a version of it in 1911 in the article “Speakers Give Sound Advice” from the Syracuse Post Standard in March 28, 1911. Now that we cleared that up, let me continue on my adventure in genealogy.

As I wrote yesterday, I had a picture, in a high school yearbook, of a young woman who matched the name and chronological information I had received in my non-identifying paperwork and original birth certificate. I looked at the picture in front of me with an oddly familiar feeling. I had a stronger feeling overtaking me. I needed more information. I needed to see if I could locate my biological father. I had a date for my biological father’s graduation from high school in the non-ID paperwork. I flipped forward to the senior class pictures. I thumbed through the names, looking for some common trait or identifier. Within seconds…there it was…a smile. A simple smile. I knew that smile. It was my own smile. Once I acknowledged the smile as my own, I examined the face, the hair, the name (I imagine no one called him an unattractive baby). I soaked in everything that looked just like the face I stared at in the mirror every morning. I scoured the yearbooks that my biological father appeared in. I saw the clubs he was in. I wore myself out and I went to sleep after two full days of being awake.

I woke up, after my much-needed rest, and jumped right back on the computer. I felt I had identified both my biological parents but I needed to make sure. I went back to Google and started entering names. I found even more names, dates, and places. I constructed a very crude family tree based off of my findings. I went back to the names I that were connected to my birth parents. I used multiple records to support each other. I used the free person-finder websites that show relatives, locations, and ages. The number of  names grew. I located my maternal grandmother and her personal contact information. Why was it so easy to locate a number for her? She is of a generation who still has a landline and SURPRISE…a listing in the city directory. Plain as day was her name and phone number in print. I began searching the paternal side and I used the same approach. I found names, locations, and dates. Then I found something I wasn’t prepared for.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will post through the weekend so please make sure to check back. Please feel free to share this blog! I also welcome you to comment and share your stories with me or simply just like it on Facebook!


4 thoughts on ““A picture is worth a thousand words”

  1. Rick, what a great blog!! This is amazing to read! And btw, you’re not ugly.,, not even close! I saw you when you were a baby, so cute! It’s wonderful to read about your journey, so far!! Blessings!!


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