Yesterday was an interesting day. I will get to that at the end of the post.

The story continues:

With all the success I had in locating and contacting my biological maternal line, I figured I would give the biological paternal side a shot. I had researched the family and located the name of a business that matched the information provided by my biological grandfather’s obituary. It was about four in the afternoon and I thought “No better time than now”. I picked up the phone, dialed the number, and waited.

A woman’s voice answered. “Hello?”. I asked for [name withheld] (my biological paternal grandmother). She said it was her speaking. I gave my information and the reason for calling. She listened. She asked me several questions about my life and my information. She acknowledged she was my grandmother. We spoke for roughly 20 minutes. She asked me to let her do something. She asked if she could be the one to tell my biological father about my contact. She stated that because of the family loss that she thought it might be a bit much for him to handle. I agreed. I gave my information.

It has been two years and I have not heard anything. This is okay.

As I have stated multiple times, I have respect for privacy. I have respect for all persons involved. I would never push anyone. I respect the decisions made before I was able to entertain the idea of finding out. I was grateful for the wealth of information I received. I had so much more than I thought possible. Over the next few months, I started researching my biological line. I surprised myself in what I had learned about genealogical research. I located vital records, obits, land records. I compiled a wealth of information. I sourced all my work and used the techniques I had learned from so many genealogists before me.

I needed this information for a reason. My biological mother had offered to help me with any help I needed to enroll with the Muscogee Creek tribe. I knew the requirements and had most of the information I needed to submit my application. I printed it off. Got my documents together and headed to Okmulgee, Oklahoma to the tribal headquarters. I went to the office and presented my file. I had a few more pieces of information to fill out so I grabbed a pen and sat down. As I filled out the papers, two women were discussing their case with an employee. They had a massive file that dropped on the table with a “THUD”. They opened their file and started showing information about their ancestors to the gentleman. They were throwing out names, dates, places, and pictures. Now…as a genealogist, or at least a nosy genealogist, I was eavesdropping and looking at their pics. I chuckled silently at their “homemade” family tree. (I mean come on!!! They make programs for that kinda stuff!!). They had so much information it was overwhelming! Then they turned the page. I sat there in disbelief.

On another note, I talked to my biological mother yesterday. We hadn’t talked in over a year and a half. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. Sometimes life gets busy and it is hard to maintain. I stated in an earlier post that my biological grandmother had passed away in 2014. I was thinking about that and thought I might offer my condolences. I located the last known number I had and called. I left a message. I received a call back a few hours later and we chatted for 30 minutes or so. It was a great conversation. She is a very kind and supportive woman.

She informed me of an interesting coincidence. I called on June 16th. My biological grandmother’s birthday (unbeknownst to me) was on June 15th. What are the odds of that?


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