Brothers and Sisters.

Straight into it today.

I had decided to research on the brothers and sisters of Lettie Escoe Evans, my 3rd Great-Grandmother, to see if I could identify any answers in regards to their ethnicity. Thomas and Mary Escoe had eight children: Wiley Thomas, Charlie Jefferson, Lettie J., Laura Fife, Mary M., John Clark, Lillie A., and Vianna. I wanted to see how many of these children I could locate on the 1910 US Census since it identified three racial percentage columns (Indian, White, Negro) for Indians in the supplemental information. This was contingent on whether they were identified as Indians in the eyes of the enumerators.

Here is what I found on the 1910 US Census:

-Wiley Thomas Escoe: Listed as “Mulatto”. No supplemental information.

-Charlie Jefferson Escoe: Initially listed as “Mulatto” and changed to “Indian”. Listed on supplement with “Creek” mother and father. 3/4 “Indian”, 0 “White”, 1/4 “Negro”

-Lettie J Escoe: Listed as “Indian”. Supplement shows “White” father and “Creek” mother. 1/2 “Indian”, 1/2 “White”, 0 “Negro”

-Laura Fife Escoe: Listed as “Indian” with some illegible writing in race box. No supplemental information.

-Mary M. Escoe: Listed as “Indian”. Supplement shows “unknown” father and ” Creek” mother. 1/4 “Indian”, 1/4 “White”, 1/2 “Negro”.

-John Clark Escoe: Listed as “Mulatto”. No supplemental information.

-Lillie A. Escoe: Listed as “Mixed”. No supplemental information.

-Vianna Escoe: Died in 1902

Let’s look at this: 3 children were enumerated as mixed race, not Indian. 4 children were enumerated as Indian and 2 of those children had a quarter or more of “Negro” blood. Anyone confused yet? Well so was I!

In all my frustration from trying to resolve this, I set the ethnicity conflict aside. I decided to return to the Indian records to do some deeper research. I had been reading on Muscogee Creek records and knew there were several places I had not researched. I went back to Mary Escoe, as the Creek matriarch of that line, and started running some queries with new Creek roll information I had found. I wanted to research Creek rolls that were prior to the 1906 Dawes Final Rolls. If only there were a place I could find this roll information in one convenient spot? I figured no one was crazy enough to spend that much time transcribing and indexing that large of a record set!

I got on Google, cranked in a few names with “early Creek rolls”, and hit the enter key.  Scoured through the first couple of results. Saw an old “rootsweb freepages” link and chuckled. “Ugh…here we go! Time to weed through a bunch of waving American flag icons and toothless cartoon hillbillies inviting me to join the family just to find one unsourced name!” I felt lucky or maybe I secretly was wanting to punish myself. I clicked the link and waited to be greeted by a cartoon wagon train with momma suffering from dysentery and a bunch of borderline-racist Indians chasing the Oregon Trail pioneer family with tomahawks (I really do love for hours of entertainment).

Wait…his link was different! Whoa…what do we have here?!

Today I listened to: Fu Manchu- King Of The Road. Great rock n roll band from San Clemente, CA.

Records were found on: 1910 United States Federal Census. [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006. T624 [accessed 7 July 2015].


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